Monday, 9 September 2013

in yorkshire

for a break and a 93rd birthday. See you at the weekend.

I am leaving you a few trees round my neighbourhood to give you something to look at!

Wellingtonia's on Frobisher

This is particularly for Irene who 'needs' to see me post! ;-) but really, I took these photos because I was trying to document them in some way before they, too, are gone. I marked them on the first map of my neighbourhood.


Marissa said...

Love Big sturdy trees!!! You have so much green looks wonderful.

irene macwilliam said...

This is particularyly for Irene you write. No idea what to say to that if it is me you are referring to.

How about I say - "Really!" and Thanks!

Sandy said...

Yes you - that Irene!
I am back now though. just.
we saw a wonderful arboretum in the RHS Gardens near Harrogate. Oh it was like recognising old friends! stroking the branches of pine, spruce and fir. Seeing a stand of poplar and still knowing what it was!
I earned money for college by working in the woods with my dad and sister. We were thinning woodland that had over grown for about 50 years. the ‘young’ spruce and fir we cut into cord wood. We paid a logging truck owner to collect and take it to the paper mill.

Take care,