Friday, 6 September 2013

Daily Beading project featured!

This week my daily beading project, "And the Bead Goes on..." was featured on Noah Scalin's blog. The link will take you to the post featuring my project.

Noah wrote the book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal which inspired Jeanne Crockett to do 365 Dresses. This in turn, along with others like Kathy Loomis' daily art and Linda McLaughlin's daily photos, inspired me to do the daily beading project.

I think it is fun that Noah chose to use several photos of the fabric covered playing cards. Those are the ones I feel were not as successful! Including this failed attempt at a cabochon cage. I called it a playpen for caterpillars!
But I did get some good dimensional photos for the projects that month.

Noah features other daily projects on his blog Make Something 365 and Get Unstuck. Some have followed the prompts in his book, some have done their own project.

As we are into September now, you might begin to have a think about a daily project for yourself. You could choose to practise it, say in October, before the actual beginning of the year to see if it is something you could carry on. It would also give you time to tweak aspects of it or to think up something different altogether. This was a wise suggestion by Kathy Loomis who has been doing some kind of daily art every year but one since 2001.

I tried mine out in November last year, but I was already into the busy end of the year and I didn't find it easy to fit in. But there was enough of an idea about it to know that I could do it for a year and that by the time I got to other busy parts of the year, I would have developed a habit of fitting it in. As you can see, it has been working!

Alternatively, you could choose to start on your birthday or on a particularly memorable day for you.
I will be linking this post to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Fridays this week when it is set up.

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