Sunday, 22 September 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 16-22 Sept

2013 - Week 38 Daily Beads

I tried some slightly different ideas this time. I had these circular disk beads, so I paired them with different beads to see what worked.




small black disc bead of natural material (wood?) with a bugle bead stacked on top.


This was a disc bead stacked with a small black button. These disc beads and the ones for no.264 are not natural material (or glass) but they don't feel plastic-y.



This set of bugles and disc beads worked well, but one or two of the discs had holes just large enough that they slipped over the bugle bead and came off when I tugged all the beads snug to the fabric! So I had to go back through to all the stacks and do a stitch over the disc bead to make sure they all would stay on.


I really liked this last one. I used a wee tiny black button as if it were one of these new double hole beads you can get. I wondered how you'd use those kind of beads and when I worked out a pattern for these buttons and started stitching, I realised the double hole beads would probably work in a similar way.

So the pattern was done with this format... pick up a crystal bead, then one side of the wee tiny button, then another crystal bead, then three of the stop beads I have been using this month, another crystal bead and back through the other button hole, carefully pick up another crystal bead and put the needle through the fabric to the next place. You just have to be a bit more careful with tangling when you are pulling the beads snug down the thread to the fabric.

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