Thursday, 6 December 2012

yellow girl's skirt

Amongst other things, including starting a refashion of a t-shirt I no longer wear, I started sewing up the other skirt I cut out the other day.

I decided to leave the pockets off this one. The main reason was that this fabric was a bit too sheer, so I used some remnant of a cream blouse fabric which was also too sheer for wearing on it's own. I have made a lining for the skirt, but I am sewing them together as one. Which would have done my head in to add pockets.
This yellow skirt still needs the elastic waist and a solution for the 'two layers together' hem.

In order to work out how much remnant I had, I needed to cut out the blouse, too! I have a plan to layer it with a solid. When I get to that, I will show you what and why.

I got some advice and some measurements from a lady called Jenny who lives in Australia and sews for girls ballet. Her measurements will be more in line with the size of the Ethiopian girls than standard measurement charts because girls of pre-teen/early teen years who dance are generally slim.

I was concerned that there wasn't enough room at the bottom of the skirt for movement. Jenny pointed out that Winifred Aldrich says in one place that a 'slightly gathered skirt' wants more like 12 cm altogether added to front and 12 cm to back. I did 10cm on back and 6 cm to front. So, I have added to the patterns and will cut the next ones a bit bigger.

So, there are several projects on the go in here at present. Tomorrow I will have to resolve some of them before I begin to get overwhelmed!

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