Friday, 7 December 2012

on a red kick

another mini-wardrobe?

one red wool skirt with black lining... needs lining stuck in, waistband and hem.
I got rid of a red skirt I had made a while ago because it was too snug and became too short when sitting down. So, I wanted to replace it. This red wool is lovely!

one red dress (same as the red girl's skirt) needs buttons on cuffs and hemmed. (okay, M'Lady is not zoomed out to my size.)
not so sure I like this. So, I will have to see how accessories work. I haven't properly tried it on yet, only to see if it was okay before putting in the sleeves.

I am beginning to discover that a sheath dress, even in princess line, is not really me. I think I am going to try a 2 piece dress...maybe it will work better. After all, I am a skirt and blouse girl. But, it will make a nice Christmasy outfit anyway.

Tomorrow is the first Saturday in 4 weeks I haven't got some sort of meeting! So, I will putter in here and get at least one of all these things finished.

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