Monday, 17 December 2012


Well the thoughtful man brought back some of his Mum's special things. This little chair was one. I have always liked it, so it was nice of his mum to pass it on.
Wonderful 'made in South Africa' decorative chair.

Actually, quite a few of the things he brought back were things I have always thought were special. His brother and sister also had choices for nice things as well. I think Mum enjoyed being able to choose to give things dear to her, to the people most dear to her as well!

One of the not so nice bits was that when the Thoughtful Man got back very late, he had also picked up some sort of lurgy. So, the weekend wasn't so great for him. And then because I was trying to help make it easier for him, ( As he was getting up from his deathbed sick bed to unpack the van and take it back to the hire place before it closed midday on Saturday.) I ended up doing more than I should both on Saturday and on Sunday. So, I have been fighting a migraine brought on by bad neck and shoulders.

But anyway, more than you wanted to know. He was better and back at work today. Tonight I have cut out 2 more girls skirts from off cuts of things I have made for myself...while I was waiting for it to be a reasonable time to give up for the night.

At present the 'African chair' is holding the small fibre optic Christmas tree...due to no one being up to climbing in the loft after all the house clearing.

and now to bed.


Marissa said...

What a nice chair! I hope you feel better no time for migraines Christmas is almost here!

Sandy said...

Thanks Marissa, I am a bit better today. And I cleared away some of the glasses and dishes we have inherited. Maybe I can get to some baking later on!

kim said...

Love that chair--and always love personal history that goes with such pieces too. So special!

Sandy said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a special Christmas in China!