Friday, 14 December 2012

girl's skirt 4

If you are counting, this is the 4th skirt I am doing for Ethiopia.

I took the wrap skirt, cut off the waistband and ties, opened up the waist darts, sewed the wrap ends together as a seam, turned down the top about 2cm and put in elastic!

Just enough of something to do today after fighting the crowds at Sainsbury. That place sure is noisy. It does my head in. Usually the Thoughtful Man does the shopping, but he is being thoughtful for others today. It was a relief to get to Aldi, which is the shop near me, for a quiet chanceto think about what I needed for next week when I start shopping cooking. (sorry, my head was on the news when I typed that.)

Just gutted about the stuff happening in Connecticut. I know people who live in that area. All you can do is Pray.

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bohemiannie! art said...

I agree about what happened in CT. The news had me sobbing and feeling so heartbroken and bereft. You're right...all we can do is pray. For those who were personally touched and for our Nation, our world, as a whole. Sorry, I didn't mean to zero in on that.