Thursday, 13 December 2012

Too cold

I couldn't face going out in the cold to shop. I don't go into town normally, why would I want to go when it is so cold?

So, I played with some origami ideas that may lead to some ideas for new work - or may not. somehow when I do what the picture shows in the book, it comes out not quite the same. maybe I am not serious enough? I think you have to be serious to do proper origami.

I also dug around in boxes to find a few 'already made into clothes but relegated to possible fabric sources'. and also a couple lengths of fabric that will make good girl's skirts. (not skirts for good girls, but good skirts for girls)

Loved the fabric on the black and gold weird trousers so picked them up in a charity shop or something ages ago.

Made this sample length of paisley fabric into a wrap skirt even greater ages ago.
Both will transform pretty easily into girl's skirts.

Then bundled up warm enough to go round to my friend's house for the evening - just me on my own. That was a nice change. I haven't done something like that for absolute years. Her house was warmer than mine anyway and not more than something like a 2 minute walk.


Marissa said...

OOooo I love the paisley wrap skirt nice fabric.. I can see that with a nice cardigan:) Stay warm.. hate to say this but it's 80 degrees here where I am in Texas..cold fronts come in but it only goes down to 60 and its only for a day or two.. :)

Sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by Marissa. I enjoyed that skirt when it fit me. It doesn't now! I think is was a special Italian fabric or something my friend's mum had in her stash when she died.

today it was warmer...but raining. I am glad, my DH was driving all over Yorkshire. I would have been a basket case thinking about him driving in the snow.