Friday, 21 December 2012

Deliveries - part 2

Today’s delivery was funny.

The Delivery Man who did come didn’t ring the door bell. Instead he seemed to tentatively flap the letter box, and by the time I got to the door had already begun to stick the parcel through.

I opened the door.
'Oh sorry. That’s your parcel.' he said, hurrying away,
'From Amazon'. Already down the path.

No signature mentioned. Smiley
No chance to offer biscuits.

A bit of info for those who don't live in the UK.

Our doors usually have a slot for letters. Some parcels fit in there, too.
When you are knocking at someone's door, you usually flap the letterbox. Unless they have a doorbell...then you ring that, because it might mean they don't hear the letterbox easily. (We do have a doorbell, but sometimes it is hard to see because the ivy grows over it.)

Our front door...the letterbox is in the centre of the door.
Photo taken at night with the door opened into the front hall.

If you have a dog who likes to punch holes in letters grab the offensive thing being stuck into her house, you might mount a box on the wall next to your door that has a slot on top (with a flap that keeps the rain out) for the postie to put the letters in. He is usually glad because it saves on fingers. It might have a tube at the bottom for newspapers. You can just see ours at the left of the photo.

Unfortunately, the dog isn't around any more. Maybe why posties and delivery men are getting so cheeky?

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