Thursday, 30 August 2012

what I am working on

The last yellow journal quilt will also be a fruit. I did 2 backgrounds and 2 fruit for red, so I am carrying that through for the other colours. (May take some imagination for blue!)

I had this strange fabric given to me one time. I only have a strip of it left. (I made an origami bag from it.) On the one hand it looks like banana slices, but on the other, it looks like corgette/zucchini because of the green 'peel' round the edges. I am pretty sure it wouldn't be a fabric about plantain - which would look like banana with a green peel - but not that green.

Anyway, so I have decided to make this piece about bananas. So, in order to make this fabric more like bananas, I am working free motion embroidery around to cover the green. or at least to knock back the depth of green a bit.
See the difference? What do you think it was originally meant to be?

Tomorrow it needs to be posted online, so I am going to concentrate on getting it done. But not to fret, I have been taking photos as I go along and will explain the processes when I have managed to get it all posted to the CQ group site.

I have got it about halfway done at present. Just thinking over night about one area that needs something. Then the stitching together will get done tomorrow.

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