Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bright Green dress

Before my son's graduation in July, I was trying to make a dress. As I was also dealing with external verifiers and end of year marking at the same time, my friend wisely encouraged me to wear something else. So, it only got so far.

Then, I worked on it more around the end of July before I went on holiday. I got a bit further at the last TV Offcuts meeting.
But the machine I carry to the meetings doesn't do very good buttonholes. So, In the day or so before going I tried to do the buttonholes. I am sure I must have attempted the top buttonhole at least 5 or 6 times, but the thread kept breaking - even with a different needle, even with a different type of white thread. SO, I didn't take it on holiday either.

Saturday I determined I was going to sew the buttonholes. I changed the position of the thread, used yet another needle, and finally succeeded. The rest of the buttonholes went in easily.

So today I got to wear it!

This is in the afternoon after wearing it to church, so a bit of creasing. But I am glad I got it done to wear in the bright sunshine. That is what appealed to me about the fabric. At the point I bought it, I just needed something summery to wear, even if it didn't look like we would have one at that point!
I am not particularly convinced that it is the best colour for me (or even the best size print for my figure) but by putting the white binding on the neckline, it redeemed it a bit.
But it fits, and is evidence that I think I have finally got the dress pattern right. there is enough ease that it is fairly comfortable to wear, as well. and enough flare that it doesn't come right up my thigh when I sit down.


Perhaps it is time to start winter clothes? well, not yet anyway. I think I will make a dress out of some of that fabric I have been saving for when I have a pattern that fits!

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