Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Making a bag

I am having another go at making a lightweight rucksack. If you remember, this was the proto-type, but too small. So it went to my neice who is enjoying it.
This time I have worked out the bits that went wrong, and am nearly done with it. It is bright yellow and pink!

I didn't take photos all the way along like I sometimes do, because I am also doing paperwork for Organising the SAQA stand at FOQ this weekend.

But here is one photo.
The interfacing I had for the first bag was a bit too crackly for me. I need to get some from where I usually do. They have medium weight which has a loft feel about it. not, like wadding/batting, but just soft.

So, with this stuff I do have, I decided to fuse it to some offcuts of flannel I had. now I have the right feel for this bag. Flexible but firm.

Not rocket science, but perhaps an idea for using up interfacing you feel is a bit below par.

Tomorrow I will post the bag.

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