Monday, 13 August 2012

Rule Britannia!

You might remember the series of 20 cm square quilts with the theme of Britain, which I made earlier in the year.

These were selected to be part of a quilt put together by Contemporary Quilt as part of the exhibition about Celebrating Diversity. The exhibition is on at the Quilt Museum at the moment, and will go to Carrefour Europeén du Patchwork. September 13-16 2012. Ste Marie aux Mines, Alsace, France.

A few months ago, some of us who have work as part of the quilt were asked if we would be happy for the Quilt Guild to use images of our work to make cards for the Guild to sell. We said Sure! as long as our name is on it and we retain rights to the original. Then we heard that the card company was so impressed with the images, that they offered to make up the cards for their company to sell - with the Guild receiving royalties! Even better.

Somewhere along the way, some of the cards were also made into postcards. A few weeks ago I received a few complimentary postcards. (If you are interested, they can be bought on the Quilt Museum website - the card page.) The one chosen from my quilts was 'Phone Home', an image of a telephone box.

And then the other day, a parcel came with complimentary cards from the company! Two of mine were chosen, 'Phone Home' again, and also 'Cricket Wicket'.

Here is the postcard along with the two large cards.

The company is Colcards. One of the things they do with some of the cards they make from images of textiles is to emboss the cover. The 'Cricket Wicket' card is embossed. Here is the page on their website where our cards can be found.

Very exciting! And I heard today that they will have the cards on sale at the Festival of Quilts. Guild trading stand, R14  I am going to see if I can get a set to include the others. They are nearly as large as the works themselves and are just right for framing. This is the ideal time to sell them, too, with the current feel good factor about Britain after the Jublilee and the Olympics.

Whenever the originals do come back, they are going to be for my son to hang in his flat when he gets a job. He wants to work in oil exploration, so he is likely to end up abroad somewhere. I thought they would be good reminders of home...I guess others have thought so too!

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Congratulations! How exciting!