Thursday, 23 August 2012

Purchased at FOQ - 2

Early this summer when we had a VERY hot day before we had yet more rain, I had to go to a funeral. What I had for funeral wear was not so great for very hot days.

My husband has a position now where he may be taking more funeral services. So, we are more likely to have to be at funerals than we did before. I feel I need something that will not read as inappropriate while at the same time working better for summer.

I found this fabric on a stand - at £3 a metre it will do til I can find something more suitable for my colour. The yellow is actually a bit more mustardy, but I may be able to pick up the lighter grey tones of the grey flowers and put it nearer my face.

Not the easiest thing to look for summery black fabric that isn't too cheerful.

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