Friday, 24 August 2012

Purchased at FOQ - 3

The rest of the fabrics that I bought at the show are lovely.

All of these are from the Rosenberg stand. Most were £6 a metre! some are linen/rayon blend.

Often I find it hard to see anything in my colours there, although the fabrics are just gorgeous! He has Dolce and Gabana, Versace and other posh fabrics! okay, they are £60 a metre, but they are interesting to look at and fondle.

I am hoping to use these fabrics to make a mini-wardrobe with the white dress my husband bought me for our anniversary as the key piece. If I can make it happen, it will be made during September for the Pattern Review contest. I will go into more detail about it later, describing each one and what I think it wants to be.

You can see I was trying to keep in mind the jacket I got with the dress. It won't be part of the mini-wardrobe plan for the Pattern Review contest, but will be able to be used when I wear the clothes.

I am finding the Pattern Review contests a good motivating factor for actually making nice clothes rather than just thinking about making nice clothes. If you know what I mean.

The Rosenbergs have a new shop in London now. One of these days I will have to get the TV Offcuts to go there on a day trip! Here is the link to their website so you can look at the wonderful fabrics.

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