Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Books in the post

It got to be Wednesday night before I knew it! I have been doing paperwork stuff for organisations. These things always take me much more time than I can imagine. I get 'press send' panic moments. Then I do and then I find out - yes - you did forget something, add something wrong, or mispell the easiest words.

I have updated the previous post with a better photo of Luscious Lemons. I used a different camera setting. Somehow if I use Intelligent Auto for photos outside of my studio, I get more realistic photos. But because I have daylight simulation tubes in my overhead lights, it seems I need to have the camera on normal setting to get the proper colours.

Anyway, so here is a photo of a book I ordered at FOQ because they were out of them. The exhibition by Anne Woringer blew me away. I don't often buy books of exhibitions, but these images I wanted to see again and again.

You can see some of her work online. If you scroll over an image, you will see a detail.

I had the privilege of overhearing a conversation when Hilary Gooding asked Anne if she had lived in Africa. To her she noticed similar shapes in African art. No, she had lived in South America. I also have seen comments online where images in Anne's work is compared to images in Australian art. So, perhaps it is the type of shape which just connects with people from all over.

Another book which came in the post was from a new friend Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma. We got to know each other while looking after the SAQA exhibition at the Festival of Quilts. Dirkje is one of the artists featured in the Masters 2 book, so had a piece - Frisian Sky - in the exhibition. That piece and more of her work can be found online.

At one point while we were chatting Dirkje said, "I am going to send you my book." So, she did! I am glad.

I also purchased the new book Exploring Dimension in Quilt Art by C. June Barnes. I had an interesting discussion with June about her new 3-D work. Some of the images in the book are here. I have exciting ideas I am looking forward to experimenting with. The work she has done goes hand in hand with those ideas. It was good to get encouragement for it. Too early to discuss in 'public' yet, but eventually you will see something of it!


Kim in ND said...

I'd like to order the book about Worringer, too. Can you tell me where to get it? Preferably on-line.

Sandy said...

Hi Kim,
You are on no reply, so I hope you read this here.
I got the book through Quilt Mania. It is listed in Euros. You can click on the book to see a few of the pages in the book.

I am not sure if you can get it through another online bookshop or not.

Kim in ND said...

Thanks, Sandy. it's a bit expensive for me--maybe it will go on sale later!