Sunday, 29 April 2012

entries and exhibitions

a few ups and downs about my own artwork lately.

the Loads and Ladders piece wasn't accepted. Not surprised really. It is very dark and hard to get a photograph that really showed what it looked like.

However, that means I can enter it into the Art Category of the Festival of Quilts. It will mean I already have a piece done!

also coming up next week is the Henley Arts Trail. Lady Sew and Sew is one of the main sponsors. They invited me to display my Bernina Gowns. So I need to take those up on Wednesday and get them set up.

Apparently they have someone coming from a quilting magazine and also local reporters. So, there might be some good publicity! I guess the reporter from the local paper might contact me for a story. We shall see.Smiley

Also, I am hoping to put a wearable art entry into the National Quilt Championships in Sandown at the end of June. You might remember the Sky Princess coat.
Well I never was happy that I hadn't time to put many clouds on the lower part of the coat. So, that is my task this month. Here is a start to check placement.

I think it will go well in the Wearable Art section of the exhibition. and since entries for that section are usually few in number, there might be a result. You never know!

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