Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April TV Offcuts

I posted about the blue wool skirt with silver threads the other day. Actually, I got the handstiching done on it before the TV Offcuts meeting anyway.
Here is what the blue-silver skirt looks like. (The ever popular photo in a mirror trick.)

So what I did do at the meeting was to start a bit of altering on some of the skirt waistbands that are getting too big. I didn't get a photo. but actually there was alot of altering and mending going on during the day.

Mavis sandwiched up a quilt she will quilt for the Linus Project charity.

And she is also mending a well loved crazy quilt for a friend. It means a lot of unpicking.

Gabrielle was adding some bright stitches to the collar of a cardigan. She had another project previously, but I didn't catch that one.

Gill C was replacing buttons.

Juliet was mending towels...like you do. :)

Lyn was (shock!) chopping up some of her own weaving to make cloths because the colour in some of the thread she used kept running.

Gill G was constructing something interesting, and Anne had something interesting as well. But both of them left before I went round with the camera.

At times there was much conversation, but later on it was pretty quiet...heads down working. It struck me - yes I could have done the same thing at home, but not with the same feeling of companionship that we have there. They are a really special group of friends.

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