Friday, 6 April 2012


I have also managed to complete another Journal Quilt. Still on the Red theme.

I had this red fabric which seems to be cotton woven with rayon or something. But I thought it would work for a punnet of Strawberries.
I was going to put beads on all the strawberries to make the little seeds. But when I did the first one, I felt that it would be enough and would help to create a focus.

what do you think? more beads?


Celia said...

It's lovely - and definitely does not need any more beads! Why gild the lily?

Sandy said...

thanks Celia, that's what I thought. I thought the flecks of rayon in the weave alluded to the seeds in the first place.

Margaret Cooter said...

You're right, it's enough to create focus - more would be overkill!