Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

Over the weekend we had several events on. A Good Friday Service, a Hot Cross Bun Event (like the Mince Pie event at Christmas) where the people from our church gave out balloons, hot cross buns and small Easter chocolate eggs. Just a chance to meet people from the community. And then the Sunday Services.

Since A Certain Young Man was here, I ended up doing alot more cooking. He went with my husband to the shops and rather than small tidy roasts, they came home with major beasts! So, we had Lamb on Saturday evening and Pork on Sunday. Then with the leftover lamb and being Bank Holiday Monday I made a lentil stew while we still had someone here to help eat it all.

At some point on Saturday I decided to see if I had any of the little food dye tablets left from a packet of Easter egg colouring someone sent me from America. As Someone had already eaten most of the eggs, and two out of the 5 left cracked in the pan, I ended up colouring 3 eggs. And since I didn't really want to waste the dye...I gathered up some silk scraps and put them in the cups!

Here is the tangle of silks after I put through a rinse in the machine. I was well impressed with the turquoise silk organza. It is interesting that the 'red' dye came out very fuchsia...the little piece of velvet is interesting. I don't think it is silk, maybe a rayon base. I have a plan for the green silk noil.

A Certain Young Man also had requested some alterations to some of his trousers/jeans...he has been weight training and suddenly things don't fit straight off the rack any more. I also took measurements for making a custom shirt for him. I am a bit nervous. He seems to want Saville Row quality at student prices. Yikes. but anyway, it will be a challenge.

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