Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I Belong to an online Sewing Forum. In the last couple days there was a cry for help from the sister of a lady who makes children's and some adult aprons to sell to raise money for prostate and breast cancer charities. She makes up a little baking kit to go with the apron.

However, there have been some family situations which have meant she is quite behind with getting enough aprons for an upcoming event where she hoped to raise money. So, the cry for help from the sister. And why not? I have a few more days before college starts back up.

The sister is sending some teddy fabric she had to those of us who said we'd make some. It is a good idea and also good reasons for selling. If we liked, we could make up some from fabric we have.

So, I thought I would make use of some of the novelty fabric I have which I didn't suit Christmas serviettes or fabric bags in January. The children's size takes a 'fat quarter' and a small adult or teen size takes 1/2 metre of fabric. Here is a completed dragon in the larger size.

and some in progress that might appeal to boys or non-girly girls.

I thought I could use up bias binding scraps as well. But actually, they take longer than you think if you use bias binding. I am tempted to get out the cotton tape which would be easier and take less time. Perhaps by the time the teddy fabric arrives, I will have worked out a quicker rethreading the overlocker?

by the way, the second photo also has the altered suit trousers I mentioned doing for a Certain Lad.

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