Thursday, 5 April 2012


I did manage to get away to the Sewing for Pleasure/Fashion Embroidery Stitch event at the NEC before Pepper got too ill. However, I forgot the camera. A lot of very interesting exhibits - The Downton Abby costumes were interesting. The stills from the TV shoots were much more lively looking than the actual garments. Maybe because someone was wearing them? or maybe the lights, etc. I have never watched the show.

I have added a link at the side to my friend Helen Cowen's blog. She had a really good exhibit of her work at the show. I wish she didn't live so far away! It would be great to pop in and out of each other's studios. I am sure she would be great to bounce ideas off of.

And then on Saturday, I popped out for a bit to the TVOffcuts meeting at the community centre. Where I also forgot the camera, but was able to finish off the last bits of the Loads and Ladders piece. Everyone else had great projects, but my brain was a bit fried, so I don't actually remember them all.

also, a Certain Young Man was 23 on Thursday. My husband's nephew had travelled down from his uni to visit our Young Man, so they came over on Sunday. I did manage to get a photo of the 2 of them. The Nephew is off on adventures this year which sound exciting.

I was in my studio (hiding - too emotional about the dog) and The Nephew came to look in.
"So this is where the Magic happens." Just what I needed to hear...someone - male! - who was willingly interested in what I do.
"Grandma showed me a photo of you in the paper when you started to be famous." (Me? Famous?)
I tell you, that boy will go far! He knows just the right thing to say!!
So, I had a few pleasant moments showing him some bits including the dragons.

I also told him how special I thought his comment was about the Magic happening. I may make a sign or something to hang in here to encourage me when I need it. :-}

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