Friday, 27 April 2012

what is going on around here

This week I have had a few units submitted by a couple students.

I am very impressed by the presentation method for the drafting is not always easy to come up with something more than a folder for that. She said she wanted to present them pegged on a clothes line, but it wasn't going to be very easy to transport. So, she stuck them onto a trellis.

also, one of the skirt design units. This lady got herself in a bit of a muddle worrying that she wouldn't get it right. But after I got her to show me her idea and then encouraged her, she has pulled it off! Very stylish. The patterned blue is a flocked denim. She presented the backup work in the matching bag. I think it looks very good!

I always get excited when I see the work. I really believe they can achieve great things; and when I see that they stretch themselves even further, it really feels good.

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