Monday, 28 March 2011

weekly review

so things lately are going much more slowly than I like. firstly, Monday takes me all day to prepare for teaching Mon eve and then Tues is mostly spent all day recovering from Monday. but at last a long awaited letter from a hospital for another test has come through for later in April - which hopefully means that when they have had the results, they will begin to do something which helps me claw back a bit more productive time.

But anyway, I am post dating the next few posts to show what has been happening this week.

Monday - new books!
I have had the Art of Manipulating Fabric book on my list for ages and finally when getting books for a certain lad's birthday decided to go ahead and get it! It is considered the definitive book about doing things to fabric. what I actually like about it is that the photos are black and white or at least greayscale. so it shows you the shadows and light that happen when you do tucks and pleats and so forth. although you can do these things to fabric with colour, when the photos haven't got colour you actually see what is happening. It gives you a better idea how it might work with your own project, whatever colour it might happen to be.

And while there ordering I thought I would get another one I had on my list. The review of the Freestyle Machine Embroidery book sounded great. It is!

I have quite a few machine embroidery books, all of which have their good points. I find them especially useful for students. But this one is actually good for me. By which I mean that it goes to the next level for someone who is already confident about Machine Embroidery and is looking for more of a challenge. I am looking forward to getting inspiration from it.

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