Wednesday, 30 March 2011


well, I talked about printing on the ink jet printer. I would do that, but I have run out of black ink. So, instead, I order some - or actually I do the 'I don't really know how to work out the best place to order it' thing and so DH orders it. Well, he can do that in moments when it takes me all evening dithering.

and so here is thread which I also had ordered for the secret projects.

It is hard to tell if thread will match when you are matching it with a monitor, so for some colours I got different versions. I got 2 of each colour. The blue did turn out too dark, but I can always use blue. I did know the colour of turquoise I wanted. and the pink was just right for the fuchsia.

As you can see, the bit of a zing I was considering for secret project no. 1 is this yellow. I think there might be just enough for what I want to do with it. and one of the choices of yellow thread is just right.

So, now I can stop dithering about stitching the lining with the right turquoise or making do with a light blue because no one should see the lining. But I would know.

In theory, I can stop dithering about cutting the silk. but we shall see.

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