Tuesday, 15 March 2011

summery dress continued

So, I have got the dress to the place where I will put the buttons on. I am deciding what to do at the neck. Yes, normally you plan first, but this is basically a wearable toile for part 1 of the secret project, so I am making up the aspects of getting it wearable as I go along.

one thing I decided about the fit is that I think I would prefer the princess line to be more towards the CF. I had just used the existing waist darts for the position.
princess line v.1

But now that I have considered it, I realise there has to be some relation to the distance between bust points, so I am adapting it.
changes being made

I also decided to take in the flare a bit at the side hem. I realised I had a slimmer skirt silhouette in mind. and the secret project dress will mainly be a stand around in dress, so I don't have to worry to much about how short it goes when I sit down.

I have cut out the new version. I hope to get it tacked together tomorrow to check before stitching. I have some lightweight wool that another friend was getting rid of. So, I thought this might make a nice winter dress. I generally do skirts and blouses, but mostly because I hadn't got a dress that fit! however, if I do find that I am back to the concern about it getting too short when sitting, I can put a couple godets in the princess seams and side seams, as I have alot of this fabric left. I might even use the rest for a more final trial jacket,(to try out the gubbins that go inside a jacket) since it can be steamed into shape, being wool.

If it is okay, I might even pipe the seams!

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