Monday, 21 March 2011

Sorry for the delays

I went to Reading last Wednesday and walked a distance from a free carpark to the Fabricland for some lining fabric for my Secret Projects. I was already a bit not too well and then became quite a bit not too well.

anyway, I am doing better and have somethings to show, but I am teaching tonight. so photos and updates tomorrow.

What I would like to do though is point you in the direction of Tanya Watanabe's blog in the side bar. She posts about life in Japan regularly, so it has been interesting to read about her life and processing all that has been happening in the last week or so.

She was actually down in a quarry! when the earthquake happened, as she had a guest staying with her from Australia.

Start with this post and then you can follow the events.

Our church is collecting money up to Easter to send to some other people we know of in Japan so they can use to help people there. Some are working near area with the nuclear plant.

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