Friday, 25 March 2011

finally a fit!

yet another shapeless on a hanger photo, but you do not know how much effort went into this! It is version 3.5 and I think final toile of the basic jacket shape. Today I have done so many chopping and changes to the shoulder and armscye that I can't tell you how many. But I have been through several audio books in the past couple days!

So, it is very late. I will put what I have for sleeves in tomorrow and see if the things I have done to them still work with this. It should, or at least if there are slight tweaks that won't be a problem. I do have just enough fabric left to make a pair of slightly shorter sleeves if the tweaking is too much.

I might feel confident enough to get a photo of me in it if the sleeves work.

and then from there I can adapt the pattern to put in shoulder pads and to make the style changes! HA. Wish me luck.

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