Tuesday, 8 March 2011

summery dress

options. As I was about to cut out the summery dress, I thought those large buttons from the baby blanket project would be interesting. However, I wasn't sure I had enough that would work. I also couldn't remember which show I bought them from and who made them. I had intended to keep the packet. I am almost sure I did, but I am not at all sure I want to move the mountains of things to find it.

(I have been marking student work and also getting caught up in a family tree search because my sister found a site with my maternal grandmother on it...so far with a couple late nights I have gone back to early colonial America and then back to England! Well I could have just clicked links, but I decided to write it down to pass on to my son.)

Anyway, back to the dress. So, here are the buttons I have in colours I think will go. I am not too sure if the mixture of shapes will work with the fabric. (another batik my friend was passing along)

The colour of the fabric may not be the best to suit me, but I am thinking of it as one of those dresses you can just pop on when you want to be cool in the summer. I think it could be cool, but also look nicer than shorts or something. I am planning it to have a button front opening like a shirt dress. However, I may permenantly sew the lower portion together, especially if I use the big buttons...so it will be more like a shirt waister.
Here I am looking at how much I need to add for a buttonstand. I think I will do a grown on one.
So what do you think about the button shapes/colours and how they will work with the fabric?

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