Thursday, 29 July 2010

Time and Tide

Feeling a bit like time and tide wait for no woman.

This week I have been right out straight trying to get my FOQ entries finished. very late nights...last night was it 3 am when my husband came and said "you need to get to bed."
What with extra things at college and 50th birthdays, It was very nip and tuck for 2 of the entries. One at least I will "finish" when it comes home!(Sky Princess) Well it is nearly alright, but not as many clouds as I had meant to do.

Furiously trying to finish and hoping the courior would come later rather than sooner, I felt like this boat from Saturday which ended up needing a tow from the lifeboat.

Thanks to the man from TNT, who came 45 min before expected, but said he would come back a few hours later, I got one of them finished. Needed at least 1/2 hour for the hem of the Sky Princess, so was considering alternatives. But then told me where he was parked up on the industrial estate waiting for delivery from a company around 5:00pm. So,I managed to get the hem done and the coat padded up and nicely boxed. I stopped to get him a box of chocolates which I handed over with the box. He was surprised. But I was soooo glad to have a delivery man that was understanding!

Thanks TNT man!!! Didn't know that was the motto, but I guess he believes in it.

So! all 4 of my FOQ entries have gone off to arrive for the deadline tomorrow. (The other 2 were Endless Possibilities and Bits and Pieces)
Phew. I am off to bed, thank you very much!

I promise not to do this to myself again. If there is nothing already in hand to enter, I will not enter it!

So, we will all have to wait for photos til I can take some at the Festival of Quilts.

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sandra wyman said...

me too - and every year I say I won't - and every year I do! It's good not to be alone in this.