Friday, 2 July 2010

Sky Princess clouds

I had heat away stabiliser on the bottom of the stitching yesterday. After thinking about it, I realised alot of my problems would be solved if it were on top. and so it worked. It also solved the problem I was having with the machine light bouncing off the silvery fabric so that I couldn't see the outline I had drawn with chalk. I think there will still be a bit of movement, but not as much as before, and should only add an acceptable bit of puffiness to the clouds.

I also put in a metallic needle and added an extra guide for the thread to pass through. Sometimes metallic thread kinks and so breaks when it gets to the tension guide. Sometimes if you are going fast, as with a zigzag, it jumps out of the take up lever. Since making these changes I haven't had a problem with the thread.
Tomorrow I am going with the students from the various fashion courses at college to the V+A. The Quilt exhibit is nearly finished and there is also a Grace Kelly exhibit.

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