Saturday, 3 July 2010

V + A dragons

Although I went to the V+A with the fashion students to see the Grace Kelly exhibit, I also personally wanted to see the new medieval galleries.

I went dragon spotting. I may have missed some, but here are the ones I saw. I also took some photos of knights, but there weren't many because most of the artefacts were related to religion in some way or another.

There were 4 of these water dragons round a faux water fountain. Originally they did spew water.
George and the (very small) dragon. Not sure this one really took a lot of courage to slay.
Another George...this time showing the princess he rescued. I think his armour is a bit scale like, myself. But how brave to do it all bare footed! The dragon must be bigger, as there are only portions showing in the scene.
This one is Michael the Archangel defeating the Dragon.
And a very grainy photo of some griffon like dragons way up high so I had to zoom quite a lot.
a roosterish dragon
cuddley dragons?
a manticore? any way good wings and claws

and then two strange creatures to round off with
a bit Tolkeinesque
and ?
Love how the carvers used their imagination though!

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