Friday, 30 July 2010


One of the presents I received for my birthday was a posh steamer for pressing hard to press things like completed art garments. I tried it out today on some of the pile of ironing.

It worked well for shirts, trousers and the tablecloth, but really should be used before things have been wadded up in a basket of clean clothes that has not been sorted for a week. Well, I normally sort it the same day, but there you are... you can't do everything at once.

I do think it will be a good addition to the studio...just the thing for what I really want it for. Of course, Sky Princess had to go off without it, but I will be doing some talks about my art garments this Autumn, so it will be great for getting storage wrinkles out.


sandra wyman said...

Also excellent for transfer printing!

Sandy said...

oh really, do tell! I have transfer paints