Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Trims and more exitement

One of my colleagues at the college brought in a lot of fabric she was clearing out. She also brought a bag with metres and metres of this trim.

It is JUST the thing for some of the work I like to reminds me of the colours in Communication:Letter.
So, although it is meant to be there for students, she said I could take some. Believe me, what is left is at least double of what I have here!
So, look out for more work with a medieval look.

Speaking of Communication: Letter...
Some of the pieces that were in the Reading Arts Week are going to be put into the Reading Museum community display cases and some in the Mayor display cases in the Civic Centre. The dragons I had in the exhibition have been selected. They also asked me to bring something larger, too. So, I have taken in Communication: Letter and Lady Constant. It will be up to the Museum Curator to select which one. The displays will be up from mid-July to mid-September. Both should relate well with the exhibits at the museum about the Reading Abbey and also the textile/embroidery copy of the Bayeaux Tapestry made by Victorian stitchers.

How cool is that! It has been a great year. Especially for the Communication: Letter piece. Slough Museum in Feb, a ribbon at the National Patchwork Championship in June and Reading Museum in the Summer!
Lady Constant

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