Saturday, 22 November 2008


Here is another one of the "another idea you can do" for fabric texture. I had heard the people at Silk Route say that if you get the metallic tissue wet, it will do some amazing things. So, here is an offcut from the silver metallic I used for the large moonbeam on the "Midnight Dance by Moonlight" and an offcut from the pinkyblue metallic I used for the gauntlet sort of sleeves for "Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness". All I did was get them wet in very warm water and crush them slightly to get the excess water out. Interestingly enough, the colour bled out a bit, especially the blue from the pinkyblue piece.

The texture is unbeliveable. I think I could do a plain border round the silver one and make a very fetching scarf...slightly scratchy maybe, so it might need to be mounted on black silk organza....or grey. Do they do grey?

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