Thursday, 13 November 2008

Refashioned Cardigan

Earlier in the year I picked up a man's XL wool jumper that was shrunk to about my size. I thought it would be good for the winter, as I haven't got a blue cardigan.

Spurred on by the many people refashioning clothing over at Wardrobe Refashion, I decided to chop and change it to make it something more becoming. I cut up the centre, took out the zip, and shortened the sleeves. I turned under the cut edge and sewed it down. Then I handpicked a toning ribbon on each side of the opening. The original cuffs were sewn at an angle on the front, and slits cut to make pockets.

Tonight I have just finished it by putting little blue hearts on the ribbon. I haven't got much of the ribbon left, but I am thinking that I might do something with it at the cuffs, too.

It's a bit rough, being wool, so I will either have to wear long sleeves under it, or put in a lining. At present, I am happy with it. It looks better than the cast off fleece I wear which was my husband's!

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