Friday, 21 November 2008

Pleat Sample

I have been making samples for the Tactile Textiles 2 workshop, and for the texturising fabric session for my decorative techniques class. I remembered an article from Threads magazine about pleats, so I thought I might try it just to show what else could be done. (A New Way to Pleat Fabric by Patricia Congleton, Threads Oct/Nov 2001)

Well, the results are great, but the process takes too many of my lifetimes! Perhaps I would have been wiser to use fabric with more body than this sheer synthetic, as it may have pleated up faster. After spending the time, and only getting the small amount accomplished, I remembered that fine fabrics need more if you are gathering them. So it is true for this type of pleating, as well. Of course, I didn't follow the destructions to the letter. (Do I ever?) In order to keep the pleats permanent, I did not use fusible interfacing since it would show through. I used fusible web and then turned the unpleated length of the fabric up and fused it in place.

Having said it was too time consuming, I thought I would put the sample on the dummy for the photo. It would show off better than a chunk with raw edges ,etc. I decided to pin it just under the bust. Suddenly, it looks stunning! If I had more of the fabric, (it was a remnant, so I thought it would be good for a sample...and besides it was PINK, so I would never use it for anything else) I would go ahead and make up a high waisted tunic. Perhaps with gathered swathes sewn as a surplice neckline in front, something like this. But a similar thing in back. Since it is sheer, it would need to be worn over something like a lacy cami...I'm thinking black. Okay, reign in the brain. I have no one to make this for! But, you never know, do you? And one particular bubbling in the back of my head project might be just the thing for this treatment...

You realise, don't you, that when the blow-them-all-away sort of projects get in my head, any number of lifetimes don't usually stand in the way of creating the LOOK?

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