Sunday, 16 November 2008


Deola, Deborah, Pat, and Yvonne

My good friend Yvonne is back for a few weeks from Zimbabwe where she has been looking after her father. Deola's mother-in-law Deborah has been here from Nigeria since the summer, and will have to go back in a few weeks. So, I thought it would be a good time to just get together for lunch. Here they all are with my good friend Pat, as well. It is nice to come out of the studio now and again and build friendships!

I also found a way to get a bit of space in my cupboards in the studio. I had been given quite a lot of brocade looking upholstry fabric. I knew I could eventually find a use for it, but Deola and her husband Jide have just moved from a flat to a house that really needs a lot of fixing up. They have only been in the UK for about 1 1/2 years. Deola sews, but hadn't the space to do much in the tiny flat they had over a parade of shops in one of the estates here in Bracknell. So I passed on all those metres of fabric to her for curtains! I am so glad to see it being used...that and loving to see people who sew having something to sew with!

Also, Friday night, I met with 2 other contemporary quilters. We are developing a good little textile art group where we can bounce ideas off each other. I will post more about it another day.

So that was meant to be Saturday's post!
Today, I recognised that I have got to the point where the many projects I am doing are starting to take over ! So many in my head, in various stages of completion on my studio table, or that I have signed up to work on. I generally keep on top of things with lists and goals. However, I didn't go over those at the beginning of this month, as I was still in Houston. So, this afternoon, I sat down and reduced things to words on paper, and they have stopped being so overwhelming. Phew! However, I also know that I must not start ONE MORE THING!

I won't list them all here as I may begin to feel overwhelmed again!! But I will tell you as I finish things.
That being said, I started working on my samples for the beginner hand embrodiery class I will teach next year. Ha! Well, it was actually on the list, and I know hand embrodiery takes longer than some things. So, it is a good Sunday evening project to attempt while watching TV with my husband.

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