Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas Boxes Day

Birch Hill Library

Well, I meant to have photos of what people made at the Christmas boxes workshop at the Birch Hill library. However, 2 things...1 - I took my camera, but forgot to take photos. 2 - I left my camera at the library! So, here is a photo of the Birch Hill library (from the library website).

But, the workshop went well. there were 6 people making the boxes, and most of them made at least 3. And on top of that, Simon has asked me to do the workshop at the Great Hollands Library, (photo below) where he is also supervisor. It will be on Saturday, 13th December. I think I still have plenty of the resources, but I will check if anything needs replacing.

So, fingers crossed I will remember to take photos on the 13th!...after collecting the camera from Birch Hill tomorrow. T'would be a boring blog if I don't have a camera!!

Great Hollands Library
I have also been talking with Simon about doing other workshops through the year. Two of the ladies who came teach workshops at the Bracknell Town Library ("the Big Library"). I got some ideas from them about what sorts of things to think about in planning workshops. For instance, today Simon opened the library especially for the workshop, since it is normally closed Wednesday. I am not sure we can do that all the time, but if we do, it means we can use tools we couldn't if there were children around. The workshop at Great Hollands will have to take that into account, as the library is open at that time. I'd really like to get people sewing, but it may be something we have to build up to...get a group interested after a workshops in the library and then hire the community centre next door so we can use irons, sewing machines and the like.

So, now I will trawl through my ideas books for "safe" projects that can be done through the year.

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Amy in Austin said...

I'm glad your workshop went well! I can't wait to see the results of your embroidery on the texturized fabrics.
As for workshops, have you thought of kid-friendly workshops? A friend of mine is a book binder and she does a program for our local library system in the summer for kids. She takes in her own journals she's made and she shows them how to make simple books. To get them hooked, she tells them that hand-made books are much stronger than commercially made ones. To demonstrate she gets a bunch of the uninterested boys in a chain and gets the first one in line to hold on to the back cover of her journal. She grabs the other cover and tells them to pull really hard. They never hurt her journals, but are fascinated after that demonstration.

Amy in Austin