Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Tactile Textiles 2 workshop is coming up on the 11th December. The students need a supply list, so today I worked on collecting fabric samples and making plans. Because I have so many different things going on, I seem to have piles and groups of things going on all over the studio. I think this is contributing to the out of control feelings that are starting to happen!
In the past I have managed with a few projects on the go. But right now, there are so many different parts to my life that it has become more than just a few!

So, I decided to go to town for some small inexpensive clear boxes. When I came home, I spent time getting classes and workshops and future projects into their separate boxes. Now my head doesn't have to keep tract, the box does! And anything I come across which I think will be good for this thing or that, can just be stuck in the box. They will live under the blue table so the visual mess won't interfere with what I have to get on with. (Like writing assignments for the teaching class, etc.!) I have a few extra boxes for some of the rest of the debris on the other work surfaces.

Tomorrow I check up with Simon at the library about how many people he thinks will be at the Christmas boxes workshop.

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