Wednesday, 11 April 2018

yellow boxes

more little plastic boxes

You can begin to see the changes in colour with overlapping. I am not sure how or if I am going to make that a part of this work.

Just to show you my set up to cut the cubes with the scalpel.
Beginning on the red. (and you know I am keeping the popper closures for something they will be just right for in the future!)

I had a question about which Fourth Plinth Sculpture I was using for inspiration.

Here is a photo collection of the ones we could choose from
And now you can perhaps guess.
Model for a Hotel - 2007 designed by the German artist Thomas Schutte
(the architectural model was called Hotel for Birds)

I am glad I read this. Going by the images I have seen, I thought it was just blue, red, yellow. But I also wanted to include green. And it seems this article at least says the piece included green glass.

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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
Very interesting project - I can't wait to see these yellow boxes complete. I would expect you to save those popper closures - I know I would!
~smile~ Roseanne