Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Small fixes

While I am in the mood for mending I decided to finally sort this pocket on my outdoor jacket.

The pockets are meant to velcro together to keep pocket contents dry and safe from falling out. Part of this is that the back of the coat pocket edge comes over the front of the coat pocket edge.
The dark blue is the front of the coat.

However, things like gloves catch on the velcro. and backs of cold hands get roughed up because the front bit turns under so that the rough part of the velcro scrapes skin as you reach in for a hanky or just to keep hands warm.
Rough section turning under when putting hand inside.

So, at many years have I had this coat?...I have unpicked the rough part of the velcro! I never close them anyway.
I have been meaning to do this for years! But you come home and hang up the coat, forgetting til the next time.
Not now!

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