Sunday, 1 April 2018

Bead on - 25-31 March

week 13 - 2018

beaded fabric
A detail, rather than full photo, so you can see what it looks like.
This week it is the bottom row from the gold start on the right to the bugle beads on the left which stand for the end of the month. This weekend full of birthday/Good Friday squares, too.

I realise now that these won't cover as much of the fabric in one year as I had thought. I have no idea what I was counting when I counted it! So 3 months has not yet covered 3 whole rows. But I do plan to do hand stitching along the lines when I line the fabric for use. So, maybe I will work out what is needed at the end of the year and move up to several each day. Though, at this point, I can't see myself wanting to have a lump of cloth with beads on it in the corner of the room for years!

Well, I have 9 months to think!

I started another trim. Flat Chenille stitch in red.
I tried it previously (in pink) when I was testing the idea of whether this would work for a daily. -I decided, no. But it works for something to do when I can.
It is a very complicated stitch. and I didn't realise how many accent beads it would need. You can see I counted it out. I think I might just get it to 4x the length it is now. Which isn't much. So, I might do different sections using continuous main colour beads but a different accent red in each same size section.
But, it will depend on how much I have to constantly follow the pattern and constantly go back and unpick a row or two!

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