Friday, 27 April 2018

Beginner Machine Embroidery

On Wednesday I taught another Beginner Machine Embroidery class. This is free motion, not programmed stitches.

There were 7 very hard workers! Vanessa from Lady Sew and Sew came up to show someone the classroom and remarked on how quiet they were!

Some images of the work - showing the progress from the start of the day to the finish.








As they packed up, several of them were saying they couldn't wait to get home to do some more practicing! They were thinking of quite a few ways they could use their new skill.

On 25th May, I will be teaching an Intermediate course. We will cover these techniques. and possibly try out work on water soluble film.

  • Refresh your understanding of Tensions, and Speed Control with raw edge appliqué.
  • Use zigzag and other stitches on your machine: Start with-Colouring in shapes and move on to textures like fur and hair
  • Introduce your machine to metallics.

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