Sunday, 8 April 2018

Beadon - 1-7 April

week 14 - 2018

bead on fabric
from right to left you can see what a busy weekend it was last week. A Certain Young Man's birthday, Good Friday, Sewing club, new month and Easter!
This is where the over all look will have interesting clusters of 'random' patterns. But to me, I can look and see the places where interesting things happened.

And not chenille stitch trim. Not sure how many times I unpicked more than I progressed with that, so I stopped...

...To do something I hadn't done yet.

Yes! I can do this. I found a set of instructions that used the accent bead, which I wanted to do.
I still don't think I will  have enough of the accent to make a very long piece, but longer than the chenille would have been. I can already think of different variations for this.

I think I will have to look for a better chenille stitch instruction because that is what is causing me grief. I can't work out the right turning on some steps from the instruction or image. I think I get it, but then I get to the next row and it isn't right, so I have to take it back. Or I go off and come back the next day and can't do it again!
Now I know why I stopped where I did with the pink one!

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