Monday, 16 April 2018


I have been doing a lot of reading since about November. I realised I was just getting more and more weary of pushing myself.

Two of the books I recently read, just looking through books at the library and seeing what might be interesting. Not always the best results, but here are 2 which I read lately that were very moving.

The Book Thief
Wow. Very thought provoking. I like reading books from the WWII period, but had never come across one from this setting and point of view.

Just finished Invention of Wings
Again, Wow. I liked this most for the story and how it intertwined. But quite a lot of it is factual or based on facts about Abolition in America in the early 1800's and how that movement also opened up the idea of women's rights.

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Susan said...

The Book Thief is going to be on Film4, 6.25, tonight, Tuesday.