Thursday, 28 May 2015

Some pinks/purples and more touches of red

As you might have guessed, the piece of work is not being done. I am a bit all over the place. So I have been doing some research for an upcoming work due late in the summer.

I might start on the other piece, but wait for a different show. I have it laid out in the thinking stage on my table.
I could enter it, but I would need to enter the details, etc, but at the moment I can't decide about size and all. and I will need to be working on the Fashion show gown straight out when I come back at the end of next week. So, no need to add more pressure.
This was going to be a testing the waters sort of thing and I think will develop into a subseries of one of my themes. If I wait till I have a clearer head, I can think through which of the ideas to use in this piece and which ideas are better to reserve for a subsequent work.

Anyway, playing with flower photos on the computer is also a reasonable use of time in the situation.

Blush on apples

a bit of blush on new growth on a Eucalyptus

blush on a yellow rose bud

Escallonia (I think) buds

allium starting to blossom

star allium starting to blossom

azalea - new bush for us

and a few kiwi plant shoots

even the little hairs on the leaves have a red tinge

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