Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Ramshackle - 4

So, with the hard to puncture back fabric - polyester crepe de chine...and the easily shredable front fabric...and add to that the cotton wadding and the cotton backing... I had issues with the quilting.
A thin needle (the size I had for microfiber) meant I was shredding the thread when it was trying to go through all that and at a free machine quilting (slow) speed.
A thicker embroidery needle meant I was shredding the front fabric in the narrow places.
-and altogether the tensions were all over!

SO, I dug out these needles. Titanium coated topstitch needles.

At some point I was convinced by the vendor - who 'Does Know Their Stuff' - that these were best for everything. However, the price made me 'save' them. They have worked in this situation of random fabric types and thicknesses. I might have preferred a slightly smaller size, but at that time they only did 90/14. Recently I heard they now have 80/12. Good to know.
No, I am not going to use them for everything. But when I need them, I have them.

And the stitched result.
No obvious tragedies!

And now I am doing the binding. NOT in polyester crepe de chine, I hasten to add! Yikes!
I hadn't a full 12 x 12 in square of blue cotton, but I had some strips of blue cotton. Not precisely the colour of the polyester crepe de chine, but since the sun fabric hasn't just the one colour of blue, it will work fine.
And then to the post.
I have decided on a name...reveal tomorrow.

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