Friday, 22 May 2015

New Ramshackle - 5 "Ramshackle Hillage"

The Name for the new piece is "Ramshackle Hillage". No, that isn't a typo.
I wanted to have it say something about this village that is spread over the hills.
So, 'Hillage'. Why not.

It took me about 18 photos on random settings to come up with one that worked. The camera often will focus on a particular house - recognising it as a face? - and leave others unfocussed. In particular this time it didn't really like the house over to the right side. So, I tricked it by turning it sideways to do the photo! HA!

Anyway, it is off in the post. And I have made sure it went International Signed and Tracked this time. So, someone will have to take note that it has arrived. (Although to be fair, it is going to be collected by a different person.)

As for thoughts besides the making up which I have talked about the past few days. This fabric with the suns might work better for a larger piece because the scale of the motifs with the houses would be a better balance. Still, this has managed to work in the end because of the high contrast of the back fabric with the front fabric. I think that for me, if I can get the pattern to be secondary - seeing the houses first - then it has worked. But I like the mood the fabric pattern gives to the piece. I wanted a cheerfulness without being very obvious.

What do you think?


365 Dresses said...

It works! The "hillage" is charming...hope it brings happiness to the winner.

Maggi said...

As I live in a very hilly area, I find this particularly charming.