Friday, 1 May 2015

Juniper Tree - 2

Working the darker areas first.
The little clump shapes really didn't happen in practice.

In order to give my self a break or in pain management speak, pace things...
I have opted out of the Journal Quilt project with CQ. I just couldn't get all this done, take the gown to Henley, and so on. So, I will carry on with the trees without the pressure side of it. Journal Quilts as I usually use them; a theme and something to learn over the year.
This will be a big help when things like my dad's 80th birthday and Festival of Quilts and all the new big and wonderful possibilities that are opening up seem to come one right after the other.

And just so you and I know that I really do hope to begin the pacing things bit...I have taken 2 possible deadline things off of the 'This is what I would like to aim for' wardrobe door. I feel positively giddy!

Ha. Till I did all the washing today and washed the sheets and re-made the bed and actually finished the Juniper and so on. Still, lets not knock this. I am pacing the photos! Then I won't feel pressured to sew longer than I can cope with just in order to do blog posts.

So, bear with me on the one bit at a time thing while I finish catching up on myself somewhat.

Or go to Henley over the Bank Holiday and see the Heat and the Flame in person during Henley Art Trail. It is at Lady Sew and Sew.

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Maggi said...

The tree looks very effective. I wise decision not to take on too much when you are also trying to manage your health.